FTEPR Datasets
July 2014

The data contained in these datasets has been cleaned for publication. To protect the privacy rights of respondents all variables containing information on the identity of respondents have been removed.

The data was generated by four separate surveys. The datasets contain all variables directly collected during the surveys. As the data collection instruments evolved slightly over time, not all variables are contained in all of the sets.

The findings of the FTEPR report are based on careful analysis of the data, which involved the calculation of new variables from the raw data collected in the survey. Especially the comparison of effective wage rates required extensive calculation. Only some of the calculated variables are reproduced here. Users of the data may refer to the methodological information contained in the FTEPR for more information on how comparisons were conducted.


Download Ethiopia data [3.2MB zip]

Download Uganda data [4.5MB zip]

Download combined data [7.7MB zip]

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